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  •      Remote Control Unit for Flash Lightning Rods is the solution of the requirements for the maintenance of the lightning protection systems.

  •      Flash RCU has a build in counter, grounding tester and an ionization tester which all data can be transferred by GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®.

  •      Flash RCU has GPS Module to identify the Flash LR. Each Flash LR have an identification of the serial number and place it is installed.

  •      If the Flash LR is hit by a lightning, have a problem with ionization or grounding the Flash RCU System will send a warning to our servers and you to check the system.

  •      All information collected from Flash RCU are automatically transmitted to the server, chronologically, dated and recorded. These documents are imposed by the NFC 17-102 standards(Art. 8.1 and 8.7) ​               Which information is obtained by Flash RCU?

  •       Digital Counter; you can see the counter data anytime from your pc or smartphone when the counter counts a lightning the system will give an alert to check the Flash LR and grounding system.

  •       Grounding Tester; Grounding is the most important thing for a lightning rod. You can see the grounding value of your Flash LR anytime by your pc or smartphone,

  •       Ionization value; you can see the ionization value as Good, and Need Maintenance any time on your pc or smartphone. If the value will be Need Maintenance the Flash RCU will send a warning to you and to our servers for maintenance.

  •       Identification of Flash LR; Flash RCU will Show you the serial number, GPS coordinates of Flash LR (also this data will be an identification for our servers to know which place the Flash LR is installed). Also in this menu, you can see the connectivity and GPS signal quality

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